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ISDN30 Beginners Guide

ISDN30 Beginners Guide

ISDN 30 is a principal fee support. It is obtainable in DASS, I.421 and ISDN30e variations. ISDN30 DASS. ISDN 30 (DASS 2) conforms to BT’s have typical (see I.421 for Euro edition). ISDN 30 is the equal of up to 30 trade traces (Channels) sent to the customer’s premises and connected to a PBX (this kind of a Mitel 3300 telephone program) or for info programs to Laptop or multiplexor this sort of as the BT Jtec.

ISDN 30 (DASS 2) is obtainable from only 8 channels upwards and consequently relevant to customers of all dimensions. ISDN 30 (DASS 2) is offered normally in excess of fiber cable but can be delivered above transverse screen, Microwave or copper pairs. Every process is a 2Mbit/s digital relationship from the BT trade presented as a G703 BNC connector. 


ISDN30(I.421) is the European standard for electronic connection to ISDN Key level services. This utilizes the Q931 signaling protocol, assembly the European Telecom Expectations Institute (ETSI) specification, which conforms to the ITU-T (beforehand regarded as CCITT) specifications.

ISDN30(I.421) is the equivalent of up to 30 trade strains (known as Channels) shipped to the customer’s premises and related to an iSPBX or for data applications to a Computer or multiplexer. It is available from only 8 channels upward and for that reason applicable to all measurements of consumer.

ISDN30(I.421) is supplied usually above fibre cable but can be offered in excess of transverse display, microwave or copper pairs. Each individual process is a 2Mbit/s electronic link from the BT exchange presented as an RJ45 connector.


ISDN30e an enhancement to the ISDN 30(I.421) company.  ISDN 30e is delivered with the most up-to-date community software package, which supplies shoppers with accessibility to Supplementary expert services these kinds of as Simply call Forwarding of Voice and Information phone calls. ISDN 30e will also permit the provision of new solutions in the upcoming these as Buyer Managed Simply call Forwarding.

Present ISDN 30 (I.421) shopper installations will be unaffected and will not be mechanically increased. ISDN 30e is supplied above fibre, transverse screen or copper. Just about every procedure is a 2Mbit/s electronic connection from an trade presented as an RJ45 connector. ISDN 30e utilizes the Q931 signaling protocol, and satisfies European Telecom Benchmarks Institute (ETSI) technical specs. Enhancement to the ISDN 30e services is free of charge of cost for ISDN 30(I.421) buyers. For ISDN 30(DASS) prospects, there is a cost for upgrading to ISDN 30e.

Principal improvements involving DASS and ISDN 30e/ISDN 30(I.421) are:

  • Signaling For the ISDN 30e/ISDN 30(I.421) company DASS 2 signaling is changed with Q931 signaling to the ETSI standard.
  • A new NTE For the ISDN 30e/ISDN 30(I.421) support the interface connector for the ISDN 30 (DASS 2) BNC 75Ohm Unbalanced (G703) is changed with an I.421 socket, EN28877 (RJ45) 120-Ohm Well balanced connector to the CCITT I.421 regular.

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