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How Information Systems Help Organizations Meet Strategic Business Objectives

How Information Systems Help Organizations Meet Strategic Business Objectives

It truly is inconceivable for enterprises to work with out substantial investments in programs. E-Commerce firms like eBay, Google and Amazon will just vanish without having using details units. Services industries like finance, serious estate, insurance plan, training, drugs and vacation will stop to function if not bolstered with data techniques. Likewise, retail giants these kinds of as Sears and manufacturing corporations like Basic electrical and Typical Motors bank on information and facts programs to prosper and prosper.

Tall properties with elevators, workplaces, and telephones ended up applied to be the basis of business enterprise in 20th century but data technology can solely determine the achievement or failure of a company in 21st century. It is not achievable for a agency to employ corporate strategies and realize company goals devoid of economical use of data technique. A company decision like launching new products and solutions or improving sector-share is dependent on the good quality and forms of information programs in the organization.

Precisely, enterprise corporations make investments profoundly in MIS in get to achieve six strategic company objectives:

  • Client and provider intimacy
  • Operational excellence
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved final decision producing
  • New products and solutions and business enterprise versions
  • Survival

Customer and Provider Intimacy

Realizing tens of millions of offline and on the web consumers can convey windfall gains to the company which is why businesses make investments a considerable quantity of time and dollars to enhance intimacy with the consumers. MIS and technologies enable businesses wonderful offer to have interaction with shoppers.

Operational Excellence

Enterprises constantly far better the effectiveness of their business enterprise in get to reach greater profitability. MIS and systems are among the most efficient answer accessible to a firm to ameliorate operations.

Competitive advantage

When a business provides top-quality items at minimal price and reply to customers in lesser time fetch bigger gross sales and income to the firm.

Enhanced determination making

Appropriate info at ideal time is needed to make an educated determination. But if a company counts on very best guesses, forecasts and luck, the end result will be misallocation of methods, very poor response time and about or below output of items and products and services.

New products and providers and organization types

MIS and systems help companies to produce new products and expert services as well as new enterprise types. A small business model describes how a firm makes, provides and sells a services or product to create prosperity.


Companies also invest in info systems to fulfill the requirements of carrying out organization. For occasion, In the New York area introduced the first automated teller devices in 1977.