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Carl J. Kosnar Becomes Consultant for the IFA Social Sector Franchising Task Force

Carl J. Kosnar Becomes Consultant for the IFA Social Sector Franchising Task Force

September 1, 2018
Information Launch

Carl J. Kosnar Gets Marketing consultant for the IFA Social Sector Franchising Undertaking Drive

SAN DIEGO, CA–(September 1, 2018) – The Global Franchise Association’s (IFA), Social Sector Franchising Undertaking Force Team, has introduced that The Kosnar Group’s Handling Partner, Carl J. Kosnar, has been picked as a single of its social franchise mentors, to counsel providers searching for help with creating a social franchise.

“The subject matter of social business small business entities has fascinated me about the earlier handful of many years. Our organization has been included in aiding businesses franchise their firms, and license goods and products and services via technological innovation transfer for above 35 decades,” explained Mr. Kosnar.

“The accomplishment of the American franchise small business product is very well documented as a result of volumes of publications and content, together with those people I have published, above the last thirty-five years. It is not my intent to add to the prolific amount of textual content that currently exists, but relatively to explore the options that we understand in attempting to merge the American franchise company design with a Social Organization Franchise,” added Kosnar.

Significantly has been written in current several years extolling the virtues of franchising as it exists in the United States and other international locations. Having said that, there has been a dearth of details and analysis of the economic impact and possible of franchising, or related economic enlargement units, in establishing Social Enterprise ventures.

1 of the pioneers in the U.S. to advertise social franchising is the IFA Social Sector Franchising Task Pressure. The Endeavor Force is manufactured up of IFA members, seasoned and modern franchise professionals who have joined jointly to enable social sector franchisors and other NGOs. The Social franchise model results in possibilities for community entrepreneurs to supply merchandise and expert services in underserved communities worldwide.

Commercial franchising and social franchising are variations on the exact primary system for expanding a enterprise. They differ in just two strategies:

• The sort and goal of the products and solutions and providers presented by the business remaining franchised
• The profile of the focus on client

Social franchised firms, like those operated by common NGOs (nongovernmental companies) are primarily developed to offer you goods and providers that people today need to have – not simply just want – this sort of as health care, secure consuming h2o, sanitation, clean up power, and instruction. These are social enterprises whose creation is specific to attain targets this kind of as people set in the 2030 Sustainable Development Targets proven by the United Nations.

For far more details about social business franchising, be sure to get hold of Carl Kosnar.

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